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Tue, 07/30 @06:30PM


Celebrate summer with an elegant and easy menu of Roman specialties – quickly prepared items and make-ahead dishes that won’t overly heat up the kitchen or you and your guests.

Olive Condite di Montefiascone:  Black olives seasoned with herbs and orange zest

Pizza Bianca al Prosciutto e Fichi:  Easy focaccia dough topped with ripe figs and prosciutto after baking

Spaghetti dei Carettieri:  “Trucker’s” pasta with a tomato, basil, and slow-cooked garlic

Saltimbocca di Pollo alla Romana:  Thin chicken breast cutlets enriched with prosciutto and sage, quickly sautéed

Zucchine Ripiene:  Small zucchini with ground veal filling

Semifreddo di Ricotta:  Molded ricotta mousse with pistachios and chocolate

Biscotti Romani:  Crisp hazelnut biscotti scented with cinnamon and brandy

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