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Tue, 04/09 @06:30PM

Chef Nick Malgieri

Easter is the biggest religious and secular holiday in Italy. On Easter Sunday families gather to enjoy a festive meal supplemented with baked specialties both savory and sweet. The following day, Easter Monday, is also a national holiday that in Italy’s warmer climates, signals the official start of eating outdoors with a picnic to finish off all the Eater baked goods.

  • Torta Pasqualina: A updated version of a savory Ligurian Easter pie that features a ricotta and artichoke filling
  • Risotto ai Piselli: Risotto with green peas and scallions
  • Agnello al Forno Regaleali: Sicilian baked lamb shoulder with herbs, white wine, and olive oil
  • Melanzane a Funghetto: Sautéed eggplant with tomato and basil
  • Pizza Dolce: A Neapolitan specialty of sweet pastry, ricotta, custard cream, and fruit peserves
  • Colomba Pasquale: Yeast-risen Easter cake with a crunchy almond icing
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